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Why the Leisure sector?

If you seek a career that revolves around creating enjoyable experiences and relaxation opportunities for individuals seeking leisure, then the leisure sector may be your ideal fit. From tranquil retreats to vibrant recreational facilities, this sector provides avenues for rejuvenation, exploration, and enjoyment.


In leisure, the emphasis lies in curating experiences that allow individuals to unwind, engage in their favourite activities, and discover new passions. Whether it's through serene spa retreats, outdoor adventures, gyms or cultural excursions, every role contributes to crafting moments of relaxation and fulfilment for guests.


Collaboration is fundamental to the leisure sector, with teams working together to ensure seamless experiences for visitors. From guest services to activity coordinators, from facility managers to event planners, everyone plays a vital role in creating an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere.


Opportunities within the leisure sector span a diverse range of roles, catering to various interests and skill sets. Whether you're inclined towards positions in guest relations, facility management, program coordination, or administrative support, there are abundant avenues for growth and development.


Job opportunities in the Leisure sector include:



Guest Experience Manager

Assistant General Manager

Group Exercise Manager

Operations Manager

Sales Manager

Food And Beverage Manager
Food And Beverage Supervisor

Leisure Facility Coordinator

Operations Assistant
Food And Beverage Team Member

Sales Consultant

Sales Assistant

Activity Supervisor

Spa Host




Personal Trainer

Outdoor Adventure Guide

Tour Leader

Creche Assistant


Back of house:

Facility Manager

Program Director

Recreation Coordinator

Event Planner

Landscape Designer

Equipment Maintenance Technician

Head Chef
Kitchen Assistant 
Line Chef

Head Office – HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development Marketing, Sales, Finance, Events, Public Relations, Social Media, Payroll, Purchasing, IT, Procurement, Facilities, Safety and Compliance

In the leisure sector, every role contributes to fostering an environment of relaxation, enjoyment, and discovery for guests, making it a rewarding and fulfilling industry to be a part of. If you're passionate about creating memorable experiences and promoting well-being, then the leisure sector awaits your enthusiasm and dedication.

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