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What is a graduate programme, selection process and what graduates expect

What is a graduate programme?


A graduate programme is a programme designed to develop candidates into management positions  through variety of operational placements within a business. Graduates would work in every department within a company and over the course of a personalised programme, graduates would be given hands on experience, helping the candidates grow into future business leaders.


Companies that run graduate programmes do so because they want to tap into the best young talent available with a view to growing the graduate into their next company leaders whilst  ensuring high retention within their company.


The ultimate aim is to fast-track graduates into positions of responsibility, so there’s a heavy focus on professional development and this focus will be reflected in the tasks that graduates are asked to do, which are likely to be challenging, varied and across multiple business areas.


The length of a graduate programme varies from one company to another, in general they last between 12 months and 2 years.

What the selection process?

  • Ensure you have a structured graduate programme so you can talk about this at the interview

  • The best graduate programmes are those that are both rigorous and supportive

  • Advertise your graduate programme on HUU and Hospitality Jobs UK who can tap directly into universities

  • Remember: Graduate programmes are highly competitive and tend to have a longer recruitment process.

  • The process can involve multiple rounds of interviews, presentations and assessment days.


What graduates expect on a graduate programme?

  • Ultimately the prospect of turning the graduate programme into a permanent role

  • Provide hands-on experience of different areas of a company

  • Provide graduates the tools to become future business leaders.

  • What support, guidance, and training you will provide to ensure the graduate will be in a strong position to build a career within hospitality

  • A broad experience to get a good foundation for their career aspirations in hospitality


What do you pay a graduate?

  • A graduate programme is like a normal job and are paid full-time positions.

  • Graduates should be paid a competitive salary

  • Graduates should also receive employee benefits.

  • The average graduate programme salary within hospitality is upwards from £28,000


HUU will be providing the tools for you to download a white label graduate programmes for you to roll out in your company... this will follow shortly.



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