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Thinking of implementing an ED&I policy? Then talk to the experts - SISU

We know how important Equity, Inclusion and Wellbeing is and we want to support our partners and companies with E&I support.

HUU & HJUK has partnered with SISU to help you with any Equity, Inclusion and Wellbeing challenges and general advice.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are three closely linked values held by many companies that are working to be supportive of different groups of individuals, including people of different races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, genders, and sexual orientations.

SISU, is not just another agency – They are your partners in progress.

Offering a suite of services designed to elevate your companies fostering Equity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing every step of the way.

Raise Awareness & Inspire with Our Surveys and Policies:

We delve deep into your companies’ dynamics with our comprehensive surveys. This will gain valuable insights into your workforce through an equal opportunity, inclusion, and wellbeing lens, empowering you with actionable recommendations.


Strategy & Consulting:

Tailored solutions to propel your Equity & Inclusion journey forward, driving tangible company growth. We work with you to establish your goals, measurables and how these will be achieved and embedded for longevity.



Immerse yourself in our dynamic workshops, crafted to spark conversation and curiosity. We offer engaging sessions that leave a lasting impact. Some of our most popular workshops we run include.

-        The Foundations

-        Becoming a Diversity & Inclusion Champion.

-        Inclusive Leadership

-        The true meaning of Unconscious Bias.

-        Inclusive Recruitment

-        It’s All About Race

Our workshops are all generally 2 hrs 30 mins to 3 hrs max

Our workshops are available for half day, 1 day and 2 days


Talk Lounges:

Engage in inspirational conversations tailored to your needs. Our talk lounges cover a spectrum of Equity, Inclusion & Wellbeing topics, fostering thought-provoking discussions that drive meaningful change. For optimum engagement these sessions are 45 mins - 60 mins long.


SISU Cinema:

Access a wealth of educational video content through our SISU Cinema. Here we offer an educational series of bitesize videos on a range of topics to engage and inform your teams on subjects like Gender expression, The Equality Act 2010 and Fostering an Inclusive Culture. These videos are priced individually and as bundles.  Perfect for integration into your Learning Management System or as a standalone resource. Our library offers diverse topics and includes quizzes for enhanced learning. Unlock a valuable learning experience for your team today.


Ears to the Ground:

Capture the essence of your company with employee listening groups. Where we take 2 hours listening to the team's feedback first aid in a safe and open environment. Dive into internal culture, the employee lifecycle, management dynamics, and Equity, Inclusion & Wellbeing challenges to cultivate a more engaged and connected workforce.


Event Curation:

Let us bring your vision to life with meticulously curated events. We can provide talented speakers to interactive activities; We have extensive experience at creating immersive experiences that leave attendees inspired and empowered.


Campaign Management:

Drive results with our inclusive social campaigns. From concept to execution, we craft creative strategies to meet your goals. We can amplify your message together through our knowledge and mapping using key terminology to excite your audience and offer benchmarking to evaluate what really works for you 


At SISU, we don't just offer services – we co-create transformative experiences with you.


Let's collaborate to achieve your goals and shape a future of inclusivity, empowerment, and success.


Why not start your Equity, Inclusion and Wellbeing journey with SISU email: or call 07871682606


Stay Brave, Stay Curious, Stay Honest.



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