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Key Questions to Ask at an Interview About Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality

Updated: May 9

HUU is working with one of the leading DE&I companies, SISU.

SISU are transforming the way people think about DE&I and will be providing essential information to help you with everything Equality, Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Wellbeing related.

We spoke to them to get their insights on the key Questions to Ask at an Interview Regarding Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality.

1. What Are Your Core Values?

  • Context: Understand the company's culture and values, including their stance on diversity. Aligning your values with the company's is crucial.

2. How Important is Diversity to Your Organization, and What Value Does it Bring?

  • Context: Assess the company's awareness of the business case for diversity and inclusion. Companies recognising the concrete benefits are more likely to prioritise diversity.

3. What Measures are in Place to Ensure Inclusivity for Everyone?

  • Context: Emphasise the importance of both diversity and inclusion. Companies actively addressing inclusion challenges through strategic planning demonstrate commitment.

4. What are Your EEI Goals, and How Are You Progressing Toward Them?

  • Context: Evaluate if the organisation takes timely and serious action to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

5. Can You Share Diversity Data on the Organisation?

  • Context: Obtain clear insights into the company's diversity stats, ensuring transparency and providing a snapshot of the workplace environment.

Remember, asking these questions shows your commitment to being part of an inclusive workplace and aligns with your values.

Interested in exploring more of the services SISU has to offer? For an introduction to SISU and to begin your transformational journey, please contact us here. Let's shape a future where diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords but fundamental aspects of organisational success.


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