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Why the Pub & Bar sector?

From charming village destinations, lively local community hubs, or a bustling high street hotspots, the pub sector stands as a vibrant and multifaceted cornerstone within the hospitality industry, a place where so much more than food and drinks come to life.  Where communities thrive, culture is celebrated, and traditions are kept alive, pubs are the heartbeat of our neighbourhoods, keeping our local economies buzzing and our social connections strong.

Most people would say working in pubs in about pulling pints, poor pay and late nights. In fact, it’s far from this! It’s all about huge job satisfaction and anticipating your guests' needs and going above and beyond to make sure they have a happy and enjoyable experience to remember and recommend. The pub and restaurant sector have so much to offer and can provide a rewarding, fulfilling, and progressive career path, as well as meeting lifelong friends and colleagues.

There are so many roles and opportunities available, from the first face that welcomes a customer through the door, to the passionate chefs that feed them and the team that keeps everything ticking behind the scenes, to ensure that birthday, anniversary, family celebration or friends getting together are all great experiences.

If you thrive on putting a smile on people’s faces and delivering the best experience to customers, then working in a pub is perfect for you.

Job opportunities in Pubs & Bars include:

  • Area Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • General Manager

  • Assistant Manager

  • Restaurant Supervisor 

  • Bar & Waiting staff

  • Chefs at all levels

  • Reservations 

  • All Head Office disciplines : Marketing, Planning, Buying, Procurement, Finance, HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development  

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