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Why the Retail Hospitality sector?

Luxury Retail Hospitality:

Luxury retail hospitality is something that looks slightly different, with high end retail stores housing some of the world’s most famous restaurants and with some luxury retailers hosting Michelin starred chefs.
Luxury retail hospitality in some luxury stores have a gastronomic paradise made up of 27 restaurants in historical settings, with world famous chefs and dishes from around the world. From ultimate Sushi experiences to authentic mezze, grilled Wagyu steak and world-class Nordic cuisine with Asian influences.
Luxury hospitality retail is constantly looking at pushing  the boundaries within their culinary experiences and sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world. With Back of House opportunities and a passion for delivering world class service in their Front of House roles.

Job opportunities in Luxury Retail Hospitality include:

Back of House roles are wonderfully diverse, covering everything from high-end fine dining to bakery producing fresh bread, roles include:
•    Culinary Admin
•    Head of Culinary
•    Executive Chef
•    Senior Head Chef 
•    Chef de Cuisine
•    Head Chef 
•    Sous Chef
•    Chef de Partie

•    Demi Chef de Partie
•    Commis

•    Kitchen Porter
Front of House teams are the first touch point with their customers and expectations are above and beyond to meet their customers needs. Whether it’s fine dining or a burger bar, in luxury hospitality retail there are many opportunities that will suit your experience and background across waiters and waitresses, hosts, operations, and management, roles include:

•    Guest Relations manager
•    Reservations manager
•    Reservations agent
•    Restaurants Director
•    Senior Operations manager
•    Operations manager
•    General manager
•    Assistant Manager
•    Supervisor
•    Bar Manger
•    Senior Bartender
•    Bartender
•    Barista
•    Head Host
•    Host
•    Runner
•    Chef de rang
•    Demi-chef de rang
•    Waiter

High Street Retail Hospitality:

High street retail hospitality, it's the beating heart of our towns and cities, right there on the buzzing "high street." Think cafes, restaurants, and those little joints next to, or in your favourite stores. 

Offering a convenient and accessible space for individuals to enjoy a meal, snack, or beverage, high street retail hospitality often presents enticing part-time employment opportunities, perfect for those who want a bit of flexibility.

When you step into the bigger retail game - think department stores or shopping centres – things get a bit more complicated. That's when you might need restaurant or café managers, ensuring the seamless integration and functionality of culinary enterprises within the dynamic landscape of retail settings.

Job opportunities in High Street Retail Hospitality include:

  • General Managers

  • Café Manager

  • Assistant Managers

  • Team Leaders 

  • Baristas

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